Covid Notice: Safety is our priority and we take extra precautions for both our staff and manufacturing process.

Progressing at
the Speed of
Science with

Even as we excel today, our sights are set on the future and in the development of next-generation glove solutions to meet the evolving needs of the industries. We are motivated to continue building on the strengths of our current operational systems and pursue innovative insights through R&D in socially and sustainable ways.

Our ultimate aim is to progress in tandem or even ahead of the medical and healthcare sectors to be in a state of preparedness to provide high-quality gloves that meet their unique needs.


Stretching Our Expertise for
the Glove Manufacturing Supply Chain


Smarter, Faster &
Fully Automated
Production Lines

Swift Glove
Removal System
for Optimal

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Health & Safety

Advancing with
Dedicated Focus
on Research &

Enhancing the
Well-being of People
and Integrity of

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With the implementation of new technologies and fully-automated system, our double former production lines have the capacity for higher productivity of gloves per hour. The use of intelligent systems, supervisory control and accurate data acquisition enable us to conduct real-time monitoring of the entire production. This sustains the consistent quality of our output.

The robust safety profile of our gloves is consistently maintained in tandem with the swift speed production lines through our automated glove stripping system. The efficacy of the system ensures our gloves are manufactured to the highest quality standards for healthcare and medical application.

EHS is our guiding principle and the
benchmark at every process. With
the implementation of SAP
System, SCADA and BMS for full
control of the manufacturing
activities, we are compliant to all
regulations and the standard of Clean Air
Regulation, Environmental Quality
and Industrial Effluent Discharge
Regulation 2009.

We strive to stay ahead of the curve of advances and evolving demands of the glove manufacturing. This requires us to constantly tap into the pulse of the industry even as we invest in the latest equipment and boldly embrace innovative systems that
give us first mover advantage.

With our automated product handling system that encompasses auto-stacking and autoboxing, we are able to minimise human contact leading to zero contamination.